I Did a Full Glossier Makeup Routine For Two Weeks—Here’s How it Went

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I have been in an absolute makeup rut. With staying at home and living through the bitter winter months, I haven’t had much motivation to cake products on my face. This is where Glossier comes in. For years, I have been a fan of the millennial-focused, pink-packaged brand, and with the recent release of their Lash Slick film, I am back to being totally obsessed. In my time of need, I knew I could rely on this brand to get me out of my makeup rut. 

I went into my Glossier-testing challenge saying I would wear a full face of makeup every day for two weeks, which I found a bit unattainable. However, I definitely have rediscovered my old appreciation for a medium to full face of makeup and am back to glamming it up at least four days a week.  


The Routine:


During my first week of getting back into wearing makeup, I went all-in with my tried-and-trues. Here’s what my most “glam” routine looked like during this experiment:



1. Skin Tint

The Perfecting Skin Tint is one of my go-to repurchases. As I said, I am not a huge fan of caking on makeup, and I like to let my natural skin shine through. This product allows me to do just that. A few drops of the liquid lightly cover imperfections and even out your skin tone overall. Since this product is so light, you won’t see much transfer onto your mask, as you might see with a heavier foundation. Every day I wore this product, my skin looked glowy and even!


Perfecting Skin Tint

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2. Cream Blush

Cloud Paint is definitely one of the cult-classic products Glossier fans always talk about—and for good reason. The liquid blush adds a perfectly natural flush and comes in several shades to compliment your skin tone. I used the deep berry rose-tone called Storm on my cheekbones and across my nose. This added color made me look like I had been a bit sunkissed, which I am definitely not!


Cloud Paint Blush

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3. Eyeliner

In doing this experiment, I discovered Glossier had discontinued their Play line, which featured funkier, more glam products like glitter and the Colorslide eyeliner (my favorite item). I have the eyeliner in the neon orange, hot pink, and minty-blue shades. During my experiment, I alternated between the three and loved them all. They are all creamy, pigmented, and user-friendly. This simple step made my eyes and overall makeup look really pop and I definitely stood out on all of my Zoom calls. If you are looking for a way to elevate your beauty routine for spring, a funky-colored eyeliner is perfect! Since Colorslide is no longer available, NYX’s Epicwear Liner sticks are a great alternative and come in a ton of different colors from teal to purple. Glossier also has Skywash, a liquid eyeshadow that provides a light wash of color if you are looking for a more toned-down look.

NYX Professional Make Up

Epic Wear Liner Stick

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Sky Wash – Sheer Matte Lid Tint

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4. Highlighter

Haloscope is a lovely mix of dew and shimmery highlight. I dab it on my cheekbones with my fingers for the perfect glow. This also stands alone well on its own if you aren’t wearing any other makeup but want to liven up your face.


Haloscope Highlighter Stick

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5. Brow Gel

With naturally bushy, crazy eyebrows, I always need a bit of help shaping and evening out the shade. Boy Brow is the perfect brow gel that you can easily swipe over your brow hairs for a natural but better look. Glossier’s product comes in several shades to match your brow hairs, and the tube lasts forever!


Boy Brow Eyebrow Gel

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6. Mascara

You may have seen Instagram ads and commercials for Glossier’s Lash Slick promotional film, and you won’t be disappointed. Lash Slick mascara coats your lashes for a longer, lifted look without being over the top. P.S. I’ve never met a mascara that is so clump-free!


Lash Stick Mascara

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7. Lip Balm

Now for my favorite product that I could never live without: Glossier’s Balm Dot Com! I’m a bit of a Balm Dot Com hoarder and have several flavors, including coconut, berry, mango, and fig. These lightly-scented balms glide over your lips to add a glossy tint, delicious scent, and added moisture! I promise if you try it, you will never leave the house without it.


Balm Dotcom Lip Balm

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How I Felt

To be honest, I really needed a boost—and just by adding a bit of makeup into my routine, I was able to freshen up my life. By changing up my routine slightly, my mornings were automatically more exciting. I woke up looking forward to lining my eyes with neon colors and popping on my yummy, coconut lip balm. 



I definitely noticed a confidence boost, especially on my Zoom calls. Sometimes it’s hard to notice any makeup on Zoom, but you could really see the Glossier highlight and neon eyeliner! And anytime I caught a glance of myself in the mirror I thought, ‘Dang girl, you look good!’ 

On another note, I realized I don’t need makeup every day to feel good too. It really is just a way to elevate your daily life when you want to. And with these Glossier products, I have a wide range of options. I can add one product like Haloscope for a bit of a glow or go all-in with colorful eyes and vibrant cheeks for an amped-up look. I love makeup and it’s so fun to use, but sometimes letting your skin breathe is just as exhilarating as a vibrant eye shadow. 


The Courage to Stay

A picture of a person standing by the waves

What does it look like to stay when things are hard?

I have come up against this question a lot in the last 365 days. With a pandemic that changed the way we live, how we communicate and where we are able to travel in one fell swoop, life has been difficult.

Difficult doesn’t seem to suffice. At times, it has been gut-wrenching.

Living in Los Angeles, this jarring heaviness has been impossible to escape. When people asked about visiting my beloved City of Angels in 2020, I discouraged it. The last 12 months have looked a lot like waving goodbye to another friend as they pack up and move away, watching owners board up their businesses for the last time, and walking deserted streets at sunset dodging another masked passerby.

L.A. has lost a lot of the freedom, spontaneity and joy that makes her L.A. It hasn’t been the same.

L.A. has lost a lot of the freedom, spontaneity and joy that makes her L.A.

This place has always been a hard city to make it in, but in this past year, that feeling of “hard” has only been amplified. There have been moments when I’ve wanted to quit too—pack my bags and leave SoCal in my dust. To be honest, I’ve wanted to quit a lot of things. It’s been a mood I’ve been in lately. Quit. Run away. Pack up and leave.

And then I was confronted with this notion: What does it look like to stay when things are hard?


This not only applies to a physical location, but also in relationships. What does it look like to stay in a friendship, at a job or in a romantic relationship when things are hard? Oftentimes, when things get hard, the easiest and most opportune choice seems to be to cut your losses and leave.

A common form of this in our culture today is “ghosting” or “deading” people in communication. We get angry or uncomfortable in conflict, and we simply stop responding. It’s easy. It’s safe. It requires the least amount of effort.

But what would it look like to stay in these moments? What would it look like to sit in uncomfortable places, to have hard conversations with people, to weather the storms of life and resolve to stay put until it passes? (This does not apply to abusive, toxic or manipulative relationships. You should never stay in a place or relationship where you are unsafe.)

What would it look like to sit in uncomfortable places, to have hard conversations with people, to weather the storms of life and resolve to stay put until it passes?

I want to be the type of person who knows how to weather the storm. I want to be a friend who shows up to the table when I’ve hurt a friend or when someone has hurt me to have the hard conversations necessary for reconciliation. I want to be the team player who, instead of putting her two weeks’ notice in at the first sign of trouble, pursues clarifying conversations and commits to continued open dialogue. I want to be the daughter and sister who is willing to dig her heels in and work through the really messy and sometimes painful parts of family.

What I have been finding lately is that the more I stay in these tough moments, the more I mature and grow. It is difficult. It is humbling. It is hard, but it is also worth it.

I want to be the woman who knows how to stay. The reward—growth in communication, in patience, in listening, in forgiveness, in perseverance—is worth the long and sometimes painful journey. As I continue to learn to stay in hard moments, I notice myself growing in gentleness and graciousness toward myself and others.

I want to be the woman who knows how to stay.

As I looked out at another Los Angeles sunset on my drive home today, soft hues of coral and amber painted the sky. I thought to myself, “OK, L.A. I’ll hold on a little longer. I’ll stay.”

Have you ever walked away from a relationship because you were afraid of conflict? What does it mean to show up and sit in uncomfortable places?

Image via Judith Pavón Sayrach